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A Brief Understanding Of A Vedic Birth Chart

Vedic astrologers give prominence to birth charts (also known as Janam Kundali) to understand and explain why certain events happen in an individual’s life. It is very important to know the exact time, day, and place of a person’s birth to get their birth chart accurately ready. Why exact details….because only then a practitioner can identify the correct position and angles of heavenly bodies.

Vedic astrologers (just like other astrologers) believe that planets and other celestial bodies play a significant role in determining the character and happenings in a person’s as well as their related person’s life. So, they never compromise on the exactness of your details. Our proficient astrologers have years of experience under their belt which helps in accuracy, quickness, and reliability of the information they provide.

How A Vedic Birth Chart
Is Prepared

With the help of your birth details (i.e. time, day, and place), a practitioner calculates the Ascendant sign of the concerned person and put it into the first House of the 12 Houses they draw on the chart. Thereafter, the remaining Houses are numbered anti-clockwise. All the planets keep on moving through these 12 fixed Houses for definite periods during the person’s lifespan, which can only be analyzed by trained astrology experts.

It is information as such that tell why a person behaves the way they do or what makes certain happenings occur to their life. Each House represents particular areas, aspects, and relationships the person’s life, whereas the placement or position of different planets indicates different opportunities, events, and happenings. Therefore, after our expert astrologers analyze all this information, they use their research, experience, and time-tested principles to provide future predictions and possibilities of the concerned individual.

Why Do You Need Your Birth Chart?

Throughout the lifetime, you encounter many events, meet different types of personalities, and get in different situations, for which you need to make smart and wise decisions to have a smoother life. Many things affect your thought process and many problems seem impossible to tackle. Sometimes, you don’t know which way to go and what to choose. This is where you want a lead and this is what our astrologers can get you.

They are specially trained and expert professionals who study your birth chart to understand the nature of the event happing in your life. Therefore, whenever you need help, they can find solutions and remedies by interpreting the current planet’s position in your chart. Astrological records are filled with examples where chronic and even acute illness was treated, complicated relationship matters were resolved, debt-filled businesses were restored to solid financial states, and a lot more which otherwise seem difficult to cope with. Our experts can help you find your lucky number, color, and stone, and more to know what suits you the best in desperate situations. Apart from that, they can also guide you for the best career, education, and other opportunities to have favorable situations around.

Your birth chart plays a vital role in understanding your past, present, and future. Once your astrologer knows which planets are governing your life, they can help you find resolutions to problems and identify new opportunities for success.