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Those born under this zodiac sign, essentially, have everything round about them. Their rounded bodies can have prominent parts in the middle, like chest and stomach. As for facial features, Cancerian men and women, usually, have far apart and small eyes, crooked teeth, full mouth, wide forehead, and an average nose. They have a fleshy body with a proportionately larger upper part. This is the reason why they sometimes look heavy. Cancer people have dark brown hair.


Cancer is the most complicated of all zodiac signs. Those born under it demand a full-spectrum view be understood. Even after that, it will be impossible to dig deep into these people as they love being mysterious and hardly gives away all their emotions and thoughts. On the other hand, Cancerians have a natural gift of intuition to read other's mind very easily. They are very generous and love getting affection and attention from their people.

Since Cancer is ruled by the Moon, the natives have crazy mood swings every now and then. They are calm and composed usually but if provoked, can be very hard to tackle. Both Cancer men and women are very sentimental and emotional but that doesn’t mean, at all, that they are weak. In fact, the reverse is true. Cancerians have strong nostalgic senses and they are often seen reminiscing over the past. Their ruling planet Moon endows them with remarkable imaginative skills and open-mindedness.


Color – Silver and Blue

Number – 3 and 7

Day – Monday

Gemstones – Pearl and Moonstone


Cancer men and women show a beautiful mix of inspiration, intuition, and dedication to everything they enjoy doing. They desire for a secure and comfortable life, and this goes for their financial life as well. They can handle their finances brilliantly and love to save up for the future. They are smart investors. Also, many Cancer natives find more money as a status symbol. Their desire for financial security gives them to push to earn more and more. While their brilliant creative abilities make them perfect for artistic works, Cancer people can be really good at managing and flourishing their businesses.

Careers most suitable for Cancer people are nursing, nutrition, restaurants, real estate, counseling, banking, and cooking.


One of the most amazing sides of Cancerians is that they are incredibly amazing lovers. It takes time for them to find their true love, but when they have found ‘the one’, it is a forever bond and a really deeper and long term commitment. They are passionate lovers who will shower their love both privately and publicly. They are very protective about their family and can do anything for their romantic partner to be happy. They do not hesitate to cuddle, kiss, and hug you in front of others. The most compatible signs are Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpio, and Pisces.

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