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Gemini natives, usually, are tall and have a pretty slim body which is complemented nicely by their long arms and thin features. The air element gives agility to their body movements. So, you’ll find these people talking, walking and eating, etc. pretty fast. They may have a sanguine complexion with darker brown hair. Their eyes are usually hazel or grey in color.


Gemini men and women are intelligent, witty, and love to involve in smart communications. They are good listeners and readers but to prove their points, they can go to intense debates. One thing that a Gemini is primarily notable for is their strong eloquent powers. They do not fear to speak their heart out.

Gemini natives are highly energetic and can adapt to anything new. They are multitaskers and can be very skillful in that. As a matter of fact, if they had to do only one task at a time, they can easily get bored. They are, basically, mind-drawn people who can attract to mental stimulation of every type. They are adventurous people who love to take actions fast.


Color – Tiffany blue

Number – 5 and 9

Day – Wednesday

Gemstones – Agate and Aquamarine


Gemini people are very ambitious and curious in nature. They love reaching heights in the profession and can be very crafty to avail of the opportunity whenever one shows up. They’re always full of smart money making ideas up their sleeve and stick to work only if provides them with their desired amount. They love to be financially free and would prefer flexibility in their work. Since they are brilliant at multitasking, a Gemini man or woman will be seen doing freelancing work.

Professions where Gemini people can excel at include journalism, broadcasting, writing, linguists, stenographers, transportation, commercial travelers, and travel agents.


Guided by Mercury and Air, Gemini people have a strong yearning for freedom. They are not easily ready to settle down and it is pretty difficult to understand them as they do not easily open up emotionally. This is the reason they fear being too close to someone who’s in want of emotional intimacy. However, once they decide to give you their heart, they will eventually lay bare their deeper nature and will be very loyal to you. The most compatible signs are Aries, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius.

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