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UncategorizedHow Astrology Helps in Making The Right Career Choice

September 26, 2019by astro0

If you’re one of those who prioritize the life aspects based on value, a good career must be right up there in your good books.

All of us are well aware of the fact that making the right career choice is not as easy as a walk in the park. More often than not we see people complaining about the difficulties in their professional lives, or how though they are finding it to cope and survive in their job or career discipline. More than exasperation as you might tend to think, this thought process and feeling is an inevitable outcome of wrong career decision making. A minor mistake can haunt you for life.

Career is one of the most important decisions we ever get to make and, evidently, sheep walk, vague suggestions and friendly advice doesn’t offer the rewards here. You need to ascertain how and in which domain you can stand well and deliver the results to lead a long and satisfactory professional life.

This is where the science of Astrology can bail you out of trouble.

Astrology is not a mystery nor a rocket science, rather it is a detailed and practical science that provides you the right recommendations regarding the perfection timing and choice when making a career decision. Astrology makes the best use of birth chart to figure out the right timing of your moves or the most appropriate opportunity that you should definitely latch on to. The better the timing, greater are the chances for you to harvest positive and rewarding outcomes.

How Astrology Helps You Choose the Right Career Field

One of the most widespread and general dilemma these days is that once you finish your college or any professional course, you find yourself standing right in front of numerous career fields, options and choices, most of which offer (or at least promise to offer) lucrative rewards, add-ons, perks, salaries, comfort, and much, much more. Zeroing in on a particular field might be difficult initially; however, you’d easily choose one, since the stakes are high and there’s formidable business competition today. In most circumstances, it is just a matter of time that you start getting bored with your job stream and start thinking that you have committed a blunder of a mistake.

Astrology can turn out to be the savior for individuals facing such unpleasant circumstances. On the basis of a person’s Kundali or horoscope, astrologers find out dominating planetary bodies as well as the houses they are placed in and a long-term retrograde.

Every birth-chart has 12 houses, each having its own significance when we talk about the career fields. The stance of these planetary bodies that govern the professional life of the native, in either of these 12 houses specify the probable career opportunity.

Based on the details given above, here is a list of career fields for each particular house.

  • First house stands for the vocational field of business that you can choose as a career
  • Ruling planets placed in second house signifies professional prospects in finance or tutoring field.
  • Third house symbolizes career associated with communication. It can be anything from digital marketing, broadcast operator and media presenter to advertising, etc.
  • Fourth house indicates material entities and is, therefore, associated with land and vehicle. This indicates a career in sale and purchase, mass manufacturing, or real estate.
  • Fifth house is related to gambling and would speculate results. Stock trading and investment banking are two prominent choices in this context.
  • Sixth house in the horoscope is the house of strength, which makes the possibility of a good career as a policeman or in the armed forces.
  • Seventh house is related to those who prefer venturing in different fields together with a team. Partnership opportunities would be strong here.
  • Eight house stands for academic exploration. Career in research and development will be a good choice here.
  • The Ninth and the Tenth house are widely regarded as the corner of authority or the religious corner. Natives whose ruling planets are situated in this house will have splendid career prospects in politics and religion.
  • Eleventh house stands for influx of money. A career associated with handling financial funds such as banking and investment will be great.
  • Twelfth house reflects a career associated with foreign travel.

In case you’re stuck between multiple options as far as your career is concerned and are finding it hard to choose the right one, our experienced and renowned astrologers can help you resolve your queries and suggest the best career option for you wherein you can do exceptionally well.

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