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Leos are quickly recognized by their lion-like physical appearance, with cubical shapes, a broad forehead, rectangular jaw, feline eyes, dumpy nose, bushy eyebrows, and loose-jowled cheeks. Leo men and women have a strong and attractive body; you can recognize them by their poised and noble manners of walking and talking. With their fiery and magnetic persona, Leos are hard to miss. They instantly grab everyone’s attention in the room with their dignified postures and manners.


The people born under this sign own a charismatic personality having all important traits as the king of the jungle enjoys. They’re vivacious, leader, passionate, confident, and strong. They love to be in the spotlight and feel like a celebrity, a tendency that makes them pretty lavish and magnetic. It is this tendency which helps them easily make friends.

Leos are very active people and always busy doing one thing or another. If things are not hurrying up to suit their pace, they get impatient and restless. Another trait that truly matches their zodiac symbol, the lion, is that as the animal king, Leos are also very controlling and want to see things according to them. However, this does not snatch their virtues of being generous and caring for others. They are also very honest people. So, you can trust what they say.


Color – Gold and Orange

Number – 8 and 9

Day – Sunday

Gemstones – Ruby and Peridot


Leo loves to stand supreme in all aspects of life and career is not an exception. The natives are very determined and hard working people who don’t take rest until they have achieved what they want. They are ambitious and want to be applauded for all their productivity efforts. Whatever you choose as your profession, you’re at the topmost quickly and thereby, earning a lot. However, since you love the flamboyant lifestyle, your expenses sometimes go beyond your income. You also need to control your generosity in terms of finances so as not to be extravagant.

Professions in which Leo born natives can be most successful include drama, theater, acting, sports, horticulturist, management, and teaching.


The aristocratic nature of the Leos is visible in their attitude towards love and marriage as well. These people long for showy and extravagant marriage. They are full of passionate love and want an exceptionally romantic honeymoon. Their larger-than-life disposition makes them lovable and loyal. They can anything to keep their married life happy and fulfilling. No matter how egocentric they look on the surface, inside them lives an emotionally supportive and protective heart that always strives to keep its family secure, positive, and satisfied. Also, marriage with a Leo means adventures for life. The most compatible signs are Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius.

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