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Libra people have fair complexion, blue or brown eyes, black to brown hair, sharp and pointed nose, and a well-shaped physique. Usually, these people are tall and thin early in their life. However, they tend to gain weight as their age progresses. These people are oval faced and possess very attractive features. Usually very elegant in their postures and attitude, these people have a beautiful smile and very bright eyes. Besides, they look younger than they actually are.


The natives born under the Libra sign are very good at hospitality and are strong adorers of all types of beauty. They are considerate, humane, loving, cheerful, and spiritually inclined. This is why a Libra is usually seen supporting meditation. They possess a rich imagination, brilliant intellect, appropriate intuition, forethought, and an overall pleasant personality.

Libras are also very short tempered which can seem contrary to their otherwise pleasant personality. They love companionship, flexibility, compassion, and constructive ideas. Everything they do is with utmost passion. This is the reason why they achieve fame very easily.


Color – Blue and Lavender

Number – 6 and 9

Day – Friday

Gemstones – Opal and Lapis


Libras are creative and always try to turn their jobs into fun. They rather look at the big picture than the details, which mean that Libras might not be very energetic during the period they are working on a project. It’s very important for them to have a team member who cheer them up and make them accountable. They are smart and love luxury life. However, when it comes to money, Libras find it hard to using their skills to making money and negotiating for a larger salary. The best suiting careers are musicians, psychologist, hospitality executive, advertising executive, and writer.


Thanks to their compassionate and loving nature, Libras are outstanding lovers. They perfectly know how to pass and show their emotions, a reason why they are so incredible in their sex life. They are sincere and loving people who like dressing up well. These people are considered very fashionable; again, a reason why they can fascinate others effortlessly. Their best zodiac matches are Aquarius, Gemini, and Sagittarius.

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Numerology contains a map of our lifeline, all the barricades blocking us to reach our goals, the measures we can take to solve them, various personality traits, the strengths and weaknesses that guide our relationships and career, the directions we need to take to be successful in life, and most importantly, the way we can become the true ‘Us’.