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The Meaning And Origin Of Numerology

Numerology believes that the universe is just a system that can be broken down to basic elements, that is numbers. It works by believing that everything in the world depends on one another which can be equal to numbers. A numerologist breaks multiple elements (numbers) down into meaningful numbers through different methods. These numbers help you to understand the world and yourself in a better way. You get to discover deep insights into your personality traits and purpose by learning about your life path number, expression number, soul urge number, personality number, and more.

The origin of Numerology is unknown, yet it’s believed that the earliest written records were found in Egypt and Babylon. Some other evidence shows that Rome, China, Greece, and Japan used this study thousands of years ago. In modern times, the credit of Numerology is given to Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher. He had a number of theories behind Numerology which changed the way it is seen today. In the present era, Numerology is believed and relied on by people from around the globe to learn about their life’s potential and hidden secrets.

The Basics Of How Numerology Works

The working of numerology is a bit difficult for a layman to understand. Only an expert Numerologist can provide you with proper and accurate readings based on some important details he/she will ask you. Numerology contains four most important numbers namely life path, expression, personality, and soul urge numbers. These are quite easy to work out. However, the way these together affect your life and decisions can only be interpreted by a master Numerologist. Let’s take a look at all four of these numbers!
Life Path Number

Being the most important number, it tells what life path you could and should take to succeed. It also tells exactly who you are and should be as an individual, and what types of opportunities and challenges you can face along your way. Each life path number denotes to a different meaning and can be calculated by getting the sum of the numbers in your full date of birth.

Expression Number

It is also known as the destiny number as it goes deep down into your desires, abilities, and personal goals. All this helps to discover the inherent traits you carry. Your Expression Number is worked out by using the Pythagorean chart and converting your FULL birth name according to it. Each letter correlates with a single digit number, the total of which breaks down to a single digit number to deduce results.

Soul Urge Number

Often known as your Heart’s Desire number, it represents the reflection of your true, inner self. Interestingly, it reveals those truths about you that you didn’t know up until now. Similar to your Destiny Number, your Soul Urge Number is also calculated through your Full Name; except,b you only calculate the vowels this time.

Personality Number

Your personality number is worked out through the consonants in your full name. It symbolizes the side that you show to others, whether knowingly or unknowingly. This number tells why you ignore certain things or why people perceive you in a specific way.

Birth Day Number

Your Birth Day Number unlocks the key to your complete personality and destiny. It is based on the day and month you were born. Numerologists combine it with your life path and other core numbers to reveal your talents, gifts, and your entire life's true purpose.

Numerology – Advantages and Significance

Numerology works as a powerful self-analysis tool that helps in getting a proper idea of your individual personality, the reasons why we make certain decisions, the full potential that we have to succeed in our future, career, and relationships. It helps us know how others perceive us and what we should be to get proper fulfillment in our lives.

Once a numerologist knows all essential details about us such as our full name and complete date of birth, he/she can provide us with a full-fledged Numerology report card that contains a lot of important information that we want to and needs to know about ourselves. It contains a map of our lifeline, all the barricades blocking us to reach our goals, the measures we can take to solve them, various personality traits, the strengths and weaknesses that guide our relationships and career, the directions we need to take to be successful in life, and most importantly, the way we can become the true ‘Us’.