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Since Taurus is a fixed sign, the most notable features of the natives resemble those of the bull. With bovine eyes, square jaw, wide eyebrows, and heavy neck, Taurus men and women enjoy countenance that best suits their ruling zodiac symbol. Just like the bull, these people, usually, have deep and rich voices, thick hair, and broad shoulders.


The most notable personality traits of Taurus natives are stubbornness, patience, persistence, and stability. Since they’re guided by the planet Venus, these people are warm-hearted, loving, and emotional. In fact, their emotions can run out to the limit of being melodrama, many times. On their own will, these men and women can be fun to be around. They are also very good friend ready to spare quality time on their fellows.
Taurus people are stubborn and inflexible which can be a result of their strong determination and intense dedication to accomplish tasks. They are fond of security and hence, satisfied with what they are familiar with. New changes can make them restless.


Color – White and green

Number – 4 and 6

Day – Friday

Gemstones – Emerald and Sapphire


Stability and security are the most important things for Taurus natives. Hence, they put up all their hard work and efforts to build up their finances. And, they can be very patient in that! These people are industrious by nature and can take up any tough challenge and complicated projects. They know how to handle their finances for any upcoming extravagant purchases. These men and women love luxury life.

Taurus people can easily achieve success in the career of finance, education, construction, healthcare, and farming. Engineering, Adventure Travel, Athletics and Sports, Fire-fighting, and Entrepreneurship.


Romance finds itself deep-seated into the very soul of a Taurus individual, all thanks to the ruling Venus. These people have, in fact, fanciful visions of being in love, such as enjoying wine, music, and candlelight dinner while with your significant other. They do not even hesitate to demonstrate their amorous actions in public, like cuddling and kissing. Although most of the time, they are cool-headed, yet they can go to the extreme of being too jealous in a romantic relationship. The most compatible zodiac signs are Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces.

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