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UncategorizedTop 10 Astrological Remedies for Successful Business

September 27, 2019by astro0

With globalization, we’ve witnessed the business environment getting engaged in fierce competition. In these circumstances, each businessman is eager to strike the purple patch of success in his target market.

Astrological Consultation specifically related to your horoscope studied by an experienced astrologer can prove effective in revealing the ways by which negative planetary obstructions can be mitigated and the benefits of the positive and yogakaraka planet could be gained in your horoscope.


If you’re one of those who believe that they are working exceedingly hard, giving their 100% all-out, and still finding it hard to achieve the results they expect; well then, there’s every likelihood that there are some planetary obstructions influencing your success and growth.

In such situations, it is always recommended to seek the guidance an experienced astrologer who can deliver you with specific solutions on the basis of your natal and divisional charts. In addition, some successful and general Astrological remedies can be implemented for enhancing business as well as in turn income.

These remedies include:

  • Every Amavasya (no moon day), spread dhuni of Rai at your office or business location for evacuating negative energies to invite prosperity to your business along with boosting your sales.
  • Whenever you buy something for your business process, buy some toys with it and gift them to small children.
  • Consider installing energized Narmadeshwar Shivling and Shree Yantra at your office or shop and worship them regularly with full dedication to facilitate the growth of your business.
  • To grow your business, sprinkle a fistful of dark grams and pepper in your business location on Sunday. Later, clean them yourself using a broom and bury or cover in any abandoned place.
  • Keep a Peepal tree leaf at your business place on Saturday. Worship it with a Dhoop or incense stick and place it under your seat. Do it for 7 Saturdays. Once you have 7 leaves for 7 Saturdays, flow them in water or a river at some holy place.
  • Create a mala of seven lemons and seven green bean stew on Saturday and hang it at your office. It must be hung in a manner that your customers can see it.
  • Take eleven Gomti Chakra and place them in a red cloth at a spot where you keep your cash at your business.
  • Make Besan Ladoos on Thursday; wave them around your head 7 times, and then feed them to a cow.
  • Worship Ma Lakshmi daily, and light nine Desi Ghee lamps on Friday night at your office as well as home. Narrate the divine Shree Suktam while doing so.

These aforesaid remedies are common solutions to ensure success in your business. In case you need personalized analysis and custom remedies for your unique needs, you can connect to one of our experienced astrologers at any time.

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