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Virgos have an oval-shaped slim face with sharp and shining eyes, fleshy nose, and brown colored hair. These natives are healthy which is best described by their amazing physique. They, usually, have small feet which makes their walk a bit awkward. Since they are ruled by Mercury, their walk and manners show the elevation of character. Their heavy voice suits their communication skills the best.


Those born under Virgo are modest, intelligent, witty, well spoken, dedicated, and analytical. These people are mostly introvert and have a very deep self. This is something that gives them the ability to understand human emotions very well. Their high intelligence owes a huge deal to comprehensive reading and general knowledge. Virgos are trustworthy because they do not let their emotions overpower their rationality while taking decisions.

One important quality of Virgo natives is they have excellent analytical faculty. They can bring out solutions for the most complicated problems and do everything with perfection. However, this quality makes them overcritical towards others because they think a lot about what they are doing. This is the reason they are hard to be pleased. However, their modesty and helpful nature make them a favorite once you know them.


Color – Navy Blue and Purple

Number – 3 and 5

Day – Wednesday

Gemstones – Blue Sapphire and Jade


When it comes to profession, Virgos are the most industrious and driven people in the zodiac wheel. They are best at tasks that need meticulous attention. With precision and perfection, Virgo people execute all tasks very well and in time. They are the most orderly people and can bring order to any chaos. They love perfection and expect the same from others. Talking about handling money and finances, Virgos are brilliant at balancing their accounts. They remain strict to their budget but not to the limit of being miserly.

The most suitable professions for Virgo people are doctors, nurses, critics, writers, veterinarian, environmental journalist, teachers, accounting analyst, and laboratory technician.


No matter how difficult they seem on the surface to be understood, Virgos are actually very good at carrying on a relationship. These people are lovable and want a fulfilling married life. One striking thing is that they are career driven and want a partner who supports their vision and helps them reach their goals. While a Virgo woman wants a man who encourages her constantly, a Virgo man likes a woman who’s intelligent and available for him through thick and thins. The most compatible zodiac signs for Virgo include Taurus, Cancer, and Scorpio.

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